Strengthen Your Immunity with an Excellent Antioxidant named Olive Oil

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Strengthen Your Immunity with an Excellent Antioxidant named Olive Oil, If ‘health is at the top of everything’, immunity is the way to protect human health. Scientists have been telling us how to protect our immunity for many years.

We can protect our immunity in four ways which are good sleep pattern, active and happy life, natural food sources. Natural nutrition is the first link of that chain. Because when we are not fed with natural sources, we can’t have a good sleep, don’t have the energy to move and can’t be happy.

Our country’s location provides us the experience of 4 seasons and an advantage in every sense. But our health and psychology must adapt to those seasonal transitions. This situation can weaken our immunity and seasonal diseases can occur.

We think that if we take a bit care to ourselves during the seasonal transitions, there won’t be a situation to be panic. As we told at the beginning of this article, it is important to be fed from natural sources. At that point, olive oil is on the stage and it becomes our hero again.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that we must consume olive oil for a good immunity. Experts recommend that we should eat benefical oils. Olive oil is a lead role in all healthy eating recipes. Let’s have a look at its reasons together.

Free radicals occur in our body due to negative environmental factors (air pollution, consumption of packaged products, unhappy city life, drugs we use…) This substance causes many negativities such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, nervous system diseases, aging. But on the other hand, free radicals are essential for life. Our body’s ability to convert air and food into energy depends on the reaction of this substance. They travel through the veins and fight with evil invaders for immunity.

We need antioxidants to keep this process in balance. Because antioxidants keep free radicals under control. At this point, we can use olive oil. Because olive oil is a source of antioxidants. Especially, early crop extra virgin olive oil contains high levels of oleic acid, polyphenols and vitamins A, D, E and K, which have antioxidant properties. In addition, it has minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese in certain proportions. For this reason, olive oil is an important natural food source for a strong immunity.