Who Are We

The roots of our family trace back to Sarlıca Village of Middilli Island from where our grandfathers came over to Ayvalık with the population exchange and sustained a living with olive oil. We have combined the tradition of olive oil initiated by our grandfathers many years ago with today’s cutting edge technology thus selling all our varieties of olive and olive oil products to Turkeyand many countries of the world.

We manufacture Monte Ida products in our facility based in Havran that is at the outskirts of the Kaz Mountains known actually as Mount Ida in mythology. These mountains whose name we bear are unique thanks to their climatic characteristics and ecosystem, by having the most ideal air quality for the human organism, and the soil on which the most tasteful olives grow.

We offer you our olive oil that we obtain from special olives growing in an ideal climate and fertile soil and processed under the most convenient conditions that preserve the naturalness and sensory characteristics of our products.