We are committed to improve our impact on the world.

For Monte Ida, sustainability is the key to adding value to our brand, society and planet. To continue producing quality products that delight our consumers, we must work to protect the environment and support the people who make our business possible. We believe that thinking and acting sustainably is the way to nurture a healthier future.

With the belief that climate change is a reality and a big problem, we aim to be a company that promises sustainability to future generations by raising awareness on environmental awareness, renewable energy and gender equality.

Reducing CO2 emissions in the production cycle is one of our most important goals. In addition to producing the highest quality olive oil, one of our primary goals is to obtain an olive oil that is carbon-free at various stages of its production and therefore has zero impact in terms of harmful emissions.

To deliver lasting change, we prioritize where we can make the biggest impact, focus on innovative and measurable solutions, and collaborate to support industry-wide transformation.

We are taking an end-to-end approach, from farm to shelf, to achieve our goal of net zero carbon emissions by focusing our efforts on key areas and achieving set targets.

As Monte Ida, while working towards our goal, we try to do our best for the environment with our differentiated sustainability approach that focuses on achieving large-scale and permanent progress and creating long-term value for our business.