5 Substances That Affect the Quality of Olive Oil

olive oil 2022 01 01 min

5 Substances That Affect the Quality of Olive Oil, when it is looked at its history, olive oil has always existed in human life as a valuable product.

It has preserved its place in all world cuisines with its rich aroma. If we have to summarize the feature that provides this power to the oil in one word, we can say its quality.

It is very powerful and it has a sensitive structure; because of being the juice of the ”immortal tree”s fruit. In this case, certain conditions that we listed below under 5 titles must be created for the product to be in good quality.

1. Growing Period of The Olive Tree
The type of soil in which the olive tree takes root, the warmth of the area in which it grows up and the care for the tree are important topics for a quality olive oil.

The scent, taste and colour of olives grown in a sunny place and olives grown in a rainy place are not the same. The taste of olive oils produced from olives which are grown in a sunny and fertile soil are more fruity.

Correct care must be applied to a tree. Proper pruning, watering times, necessary spraying are also important topics in growing good olives.

2. Harvest Period
Harvest period is determined according to the yearly average temperature of the olive tree’s location. If any special situation does not exist, the first harvest (early crop) is carried out in October.

If olives are picked when they are green, oli’s amount of polyphenol (a substance that gives green colour to the nature), vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will be a lot in it. It will have more fruity taste and perfect quality.

3. Picking Types Of Olive Oil
Picking olives without damaging them is important for the quality of the olive oil. The best way for the most quality olive oil is, picking by hand; but also it is a very laborious process. As soon as the olive is picked from tree branches its acid ratios begins to rise.
And a race against time starts. If the fruit is damaged, it rots and affects the process negatively. Damaged olives affect its pure fruity taste negatively, too.

4. Production Period of Olive Oil
Production of oil in factories differs according to the picking type. For example, obtaining the oil of the olives collected during the early harvest period by cold pressing method provides the best quality of olive oil.

5. Conditions of Packaging and Storage
To protect its quality it should be filled into dark glasses or tins. It should be stored in dark or low lighted places. After purchasing processes, attention should be paid to the storage conditions and the lid of the pack should be closed after using it.