Making St. John’s Wort Oil and Its Benefits

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Making St. John’s Wort Oil and Its Benefits. If history was a Google Search Engine, we would probably see the most searched words for healing and beauty. In the past years there were healers and medical flowers – oils. Natural healing products are still being used today.

St. John’s Wort grows by itself in nature. Its flowers are yellow, blue and red. Its homeland is Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. In Europe it grows by itself in woodlands, fields and roadsides. This plant has also adapted to North America and began to grow naturally in the countryside. It also grows in many places in our country which have temperate climate.

Think about that olive oil, whose benefits we can not finish counting, meets with another source of healing. The name of this combination is St. John’s Wort Oil.

While making St. John’s Wort Oil, the plant is picked and washed well. After washing, it waits for a while to dry. We put 1 bunch of dried St. John’s Wort flowers in 1 liter glass jars and add olive oil as much as it takes and we wait about 5 days for it to infused.The Plant, which leaves its essence into the oil, waits under the sun for about 45 days with the lid closed. When the required time is up, it is filtered and filled into bottles and stored in a place where it will not get a light.

We combined and bottled two healing sources. Now let’s talk about its benefits. If we say there is nothing where St. John’s Wort oil does not have benefits, we won’t be exaggerating. That’s why we can see it in alternative medicine. It contributes to the prevention of diseases, reducing the rate of aging and the healthy functioning of the body system.

– Due to its rapid cell renewal feature it can be used as a support for all skin problems. It can be used in the treatment of skin diseases such as sunburn, acne, eczema and psoriasis. It also slows down the effects of aging. It can be used for daily skin and hair care.*
– It has antiseptic properties. It prevents germ formation and inflammation. It improves infections such as fungus, athlete’s foot, herpes and warts quickly.*
– Due to its natural painkiller feature, it is used for back pain massage, joint pain, lumbago, sciatica and rheumatism, and it is beneficial for the person to relax.*
– It supports the treatment of varicose veins, one of today’s popular diseases.*
– By increasing the level of hormone melatonin it solves sleeping problems.*

There are various bioactive compounds in the herbal mixture infused with olive oil. These components are transferred from olive oil. Some of the components which are important for human health are flavonoids, hypericin and hyperforin.

You can apply St. John’s Wort oil to your skin with the help of a cotton or towel and by massaging to your hair root before taking a bath.

*It can cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, we recommend you not to use it before consulting your doctor or pharmacist.