What is Early Crop Olive Oil?

Erken Hasat Zeytinyağı Nedir?

What is Early Crop Olive Oil? Humans are impatient by their nature. They want to reach beautiful things as soon as possible. On the other hand, production processes require patience and effort. What happens if the word ‘early’ comes to the beginning of patience and effort?  A miracle that nature gives us happens.

Early crop olive oil is a miracle that nature gives us. Olives are picked for harvest in October-November when they reach the required size during the maturation period. ‘Early Crop‘ is used for the product picked in this time period and the olive oil obtained from this product.

Colour of products picked for early harvest are green. Polyphenol substance which is responsible for colouring nature, gives this colour to the fruit. Polyphenol substance has an antioxidant property and benefits for human health. For more details about green olives, you can read our article titled “Green Olives”.

Olives picked from trees by hand or machine are taken to the factory for oil production on the same day. It goes through all steps to form oil. First of all, it enters the washing and cleaning process. The olives, which have been cleaned well, have a breaking and crushing process one by one. Olive paste appears after these processes. During the olive dough kneading stage, oil is obtained. The process of filtering the obtained oil and separating it from the fruit residues is called ‘filtering’ and finally ‘Filtered Early Crop Olive Oil‘ is obtained.

Unfiltered Early Crop Olive Oil
The product can also be bottled without being filtered, which is without separating it from fruit residues. Thus, a product rich in pulp and with a higher fruity taste is obtained. We can think of it like freshly squeezed juices. It is recommended to be consumed within one year from the date of filling.

Benefits of Early Crop Olive Oil
When we take ‘health‘ to the origin of our lives, consuming the right product becomes the important title. At this point early crop olive oil serves you.
Acid ratio plays an important role in the quality of oil. Likewise, its contribution to human health is an issue that should be taken into account. Early harvest olive oils are in the group of natural extra virgin olive oil with low acidity.

It is a powerful antioxidant, especially with the support of vitamins C, D, E, K, zinc, polyphenol, selenium and beta-carotene. It is said to delay aging by supporting cell development.

The contribution of early harvest olive oils produced from olives picked during the period that the polyphenol content is highest to human health, increases in parallel with this. Experts say, high polyphenol significantly reduces bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and contributes positively to the immune system.
In addition, experts constantly tell us that we should ensure some of our daily energy from healthy fats, which have monounsaturated fatty acids like olive oils, hazelnuts and canola.

Correct usage and storage conditions are very important to benefit from the product. In this regard, it is necessary to listen to the manufacturers and experts.

Usage Areas of Early Crop Olive Oils
If you are the one that likes drinking oil in a glass, we suggest you early crop olive oils. It makes you have a feast of flavour by its fruity taste.
During your breakfast you can dip your bread in it, you can use it as a sauce for your olives, or put it on your tomatoes and cucumbers.
You can use it in all foods which are raw, cold or hot. And also you can add it into your skin masks that you prepared at home. Its beautiful texture and smell will give you happiness and health.

Storage Conditions
If you want to use the oil that you bought in your saucers instead of the pack, choose bottles with dark colors.
We recommend that you keep it closed in cool, dark or low-light places.